Moon Of Retribvtion

Rose & Clove Lip Balm - "Mt. Pleasant Cemetery"

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Mt. Pleasant Cemetery: rosewater & clove

Named for the cemetery next door, established in 1875. The quiet cemetery is a respite from the busy streets that

surround it. Its beautiful ancient trees and its graves from pioneer times inspire introspection. 

Rosewater and clove are calming and perfect for motivating intentional thinking and meditation.

Concocted and poured on the day of the waning gibbous moon, also known as the moon of retribution.

This phase encourages self-examination and clarifying intentions and values.

Rosewater for protection; clove for good luck and prosperity.

Contains: beeswax, coconut oil, rose tea-infused almond oil, rosewater, clove essential oil. A dried rose petal is at the base of the tube to continue the infusion.


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