The Gems I Carry Wherever I Go

The Gems I Carry Wherever I Go

One of my favourite pastimes is browsing crystal and gem shops and reading about all the different magical properties these stones carry. I wrote about medieval lapidaries and how the tradition of assigning meaning and powers to crystals and gems goes back thousands of years. I often feel myself drawn to a specific stone, and I take that as a sign that it wants to join me in my travels. So if I can, I buy it, and it joins those on my altar at home or the ones in my carrying pouch that I keep with me always.

I carry a small pouch filled with gems and crystals and a mini tarot deck almost everywhere I go. The pouch is repurposed from a TokyoMilk hand cream’s packaging. It’s easy to transfer from my purse to my backpack depending on where I’m going that day.  

The gems inside are tiny. I’ve got a few amethysts that came off of a broken necklace, selenite I got in England, some quartz from another broken necklace, and others I’ve picked up here and there. It weighs next to nothing, so it’s never a burden to carry.

I think of the crystals inside as talismans of protection. For example, amethyst, my birthstone, is reportedly particularly good for anxiety. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and I take SSRIs that help me tonnes. I also work on CBT and DBT practices with my psychiatrist, and try to make sure I exercise regularly and sleep enough. Based on my specific needs, I've assembled a collection of stones I think are helpful:

The clear quartz crystals are said to neutralize negative energy. The rose quartz restores trust. Selenite brings positivity. Smoky quartz wards off panic. Fluorite helps with balance and grounding. Hematite absorbs toxic emotions.

My gem bag is like a reminder of the work I’m doing to help my mental health. The crystals make me feel empowered in a tangible way that sometimes is harder to gauge with lifestyle changes or medication.

Beyond that, they help me feel comfortable.

Do you carry anything with you that makes you feel calmer?

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