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Mercury Celestial Bodies Soft Enamel Pins (Gemini and Virgo)

Mercury Celestial Bodies Soft Enamel Pins (Gemini and Virgo)

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The symbol of Mercury, the Roman god of messengers and travel (Hermes in Greek mythology), depicts the god's winged helmet and his sceptre, a caduceus. It's also the alchemical symbol for mercury. The magical intentions of Mercury include wit, cleverness, and intellect. Mercury can also represent androgyny or gender outside of the binary. Mercury influences business, communication, writing, and money. The astrological signs corresponding with Mercury are Gemini and Virgo. 


Choose from 16 different celestial bodies. Not sure what to choose? You could choose celestial bodies that have a particular significance to you. Maybe your astrological sign is associated with a planet, and you want to carry it with you. Maybe you want to invoke a deity associated with a planet. Maybe you want to use it as a talisman for the magical intentions the symbol carries. Maybe you just really dig astronomy.

Each one comes with a backing card describing the symbol's astrological and astronomical significance. The backing card doubles as a bookmark once you've removed your pin. 

This is for one approximately 1" soft enamel pin with one pin on the back. Included is 1 black rubber clutch. 


Please bear in mind that colours can appear slightly different based on photo lighting and monitor calibration.

Each order comes with a coupon code and some freebies. 

Orders can take up to 10 business days to process/ship as I do it all myself from home and sometimes life gets in the way. Thank you in advance for your patience!

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